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Intellectual & Industrial Property International Agency

Legal Consulting

Our legal department takes care of personalized consultancy in the different matters set out by our clients.

  • We carry out penal actions and border measures against piracy and forgery (police performance).
  • Audit of Industrial Property assets.
  • Commercially: negotiation, processing, setting-up and deed of company.
  • License and franchise contracts.
  • Data protection.
  • Expert evidence.
  • Register of Internet domains (search, vigilance, recovery and legal defense before the WIPO).

Civil Actions

  • Judicial procedures with regard to Trademark, Patent and Copyright matters, and also in unfair advertisement and competition.
  • Nullity of registration; cancellations due to insufficient distinctive signs.
  • Patent cancellations.

Penal actions

  • Piracy persecution at Industrial and Intellectual Property levels and also with the appropriate police measures to confiscate falsified products.
  • Intervention of custom authorities, when custom clearance is declared to a free practice, exportation, re-exportation and inclusion into a suspension regime of pirate goods, according to the Regulation (EC 241/1999).