P&T - Intellectual Property

Sant Elies 21, 3º 1ª
08006 – Barcelona, Spain

Telf.: +34 93 238 46 92
Fax: +34 93 415 07 84

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Intellectual & Industrial Property International Agency


  • Worldwide investigations with regard to Patents, Utility Models, Industrial Designs and Distinctive Signs
  • Denominative and graphic Trademark surveillance. We detect all the new applications that can affect our clients, at a National, Community and International level. Clients receive periodically updated information about the possible clash of interests in order to preserve their rights, with a possible objection.
  • National, Community, International and Worldwide Trademarks Applications.
  • Third party oppositions.
  • Replying for Refusal of an Application.
  • Lodging of Common Appeal of Review against Resolutions of the SPTO.
  • Lodging of Judicial review against assignments or dismissals issued by the SPTO.
  • Document writing about comments on applications of Trademarks, Patents and Utility Models.
  • Surveillance, notification and payment of maintenance rights of the assigned registers.
  • Administrative pleadings issued by the SPTO.
  • Preparation and Dispatch of Infraction requirements.
  • Nullity Actions against Community Trademarks.
  • Grounds for Refusal of an Application.
  • Writing of Patent Exploitation contracts.
  • Applications of Patents, European Patents, PCT and worldwide.
  • Applications of National, International (WIPO), Community and Worldwide Industrial Designs.
  • Contracts of Trademarks and Patents Licenses.
  • National and Worldwide franchise contracts.
  • National and Worldwide applications of Intellectual Property rights.
  • Writing and negotiation of all kind of contracts, needed to produce a work.
  • Legal advice for work protection and register.
  • Negotiation in Rights transferring during certain exploitation acts. Copyright Contracts.
  • Labor Registration in the Industrial Property Register.
  • Negotiation and Exploitation of Image Rights.
  • Contracts with several advertisement agencies for market research and product launching.