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Intellectual & Industrial Property International Agency

Intellectual Property

P&T attends also copyright matters with assessment in order to safeguard, the rights through the assigned Property in order to maintain integrity and respect of an author’s right, their effort, creativity and talent.

Intellectual Property protects authors of original creations such as a literary, artistic or scientific pieces of work. They have personal and patrimonial rights, and therefore we defend moral and patrimonial privileges.

All types of literary works can be protected:, such as novels, poems, theatre works, reference documents, newspapers, computer programs; data base; films, musical compositions and choreographs; artistic woks such as paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures; architectural works; advertising, technical maps and designs, translations and versions, revisions, updating and notes; summaries, statements, transformations of literary, artistic or scientific works etc. Nevertheless, due to the vertiginous development of technology, it is necessary to extend its protection field to data base, software, web site designs, etc.

P&T writes all kind of contracts, with regard to edition agreements and assignment of rights, etc.

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