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Industrial Property

Industrial property is formed for the study of industrial inventions, distinctive signs and designs, such as commercial property within the corporate sphere.

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propiedad intelectual

Intellectual Property

Concern for Authors Rights, to recognize the integrity, respect for their work, effort on their creativity and talent have led to safeguarding the rights granted by the Owner.

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ISD Intellectual Sports Defence

Services of an intellectual property agency related to national and international sports, athletes, sports organizations and societies devoted to sports, as well as their legal defense nationally and internationally.

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asesoria juridica

Legal Consulting

We look after your Intellectual Property assets in a personified manner. In P&T we are committed to know our clients and identify their interests to act.

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Retail store

R&B Retail Branding

Our aim is the release of the brand through their management in any retail outlet in order to persevere and enhance their knowledge in the sector.

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Set of exclusive rights that protect both innovative activity manifested in new products, processes or designs, as well as commercial goods within business.

industrial and intellectual property

Exclusive rights such as musical, literary, and artistic works; discoveries and inventions; and words, phrases, symbols, and designs ...

intellectual property

P&T has decided to incorporate this new service to enhance the visibility of its clients' brands. Retail Branding, seeks the dissemination of brands ...

retail and branding

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